Martabak Manis

Martabak Manis


About Martabak manis

Martabak manis or sometimes called Terang bulan ( full moon ) is the ultimate Indonesian "devil cake". It is made from mix of flour, egg, vanilla and butter, slow baked upon an iron clad cookware. Nobody really knows when or where is this Martabak originated, unlike the other Martabak Telor ( Egg ) which originated from Indian pancake. Looking back at Indonesian food influenced by Dutch, Chinese, Indian and Malay cooking, this Martabak can truly be called Indonesian original food. 

Martabak street vendor can be found everywhere, especially in major cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and other big cities across the archipelago. It is sweet, crunchy, creamy, juicy and fluffy. The amount of sugar, margarine, chocolate, cheese and peanuts might give some people heart attack, but it's just the way "a good martabak" is. Traditionally Martabak Manis ( Sweet Martabak ) only comes in 2 flavors, chocolate peanut and cheese. Nowadays vendors are more creative putting everything on this delicious pancake with fruits, sweets and more delicacies you can imagine. It is almost guaranteed that if you share this "Martabak" with your friends, it will be gone in 10 seconds. 

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